The end..

I haven’t posted in a while because things are hectic. Life is getting tough… I’m working hard to pay all these bills. It’s been tough hiding my drug habit from the military, but they’re starting to suspect. I’ve missed a few days work because I drank too much and couldn’t wake up. And now the local dealers are starting to search for me. I need to find a good way to make money quick. Also, Tina’s been nagging on and off incessivly, and it’s beginning to really bother me. She tells me that she thinks the drugs are bad. They’re all I have. She also whines about money. It’s always money. I told her that I had enough and I never want to see her again. So I guess thats the end of that. She’s still right about the money, but I think I found something. There is a deal out in the middle east that is supposed to pay the big bucks.. It should be enough for me to pay everything off and buy myself a nice house/car as well. It’s a quick job too. The boss is a tyrant so people say, but as long as he pays I don’t care. It’s for a company called Hussein Regiment.. the job title is suicide bomber. It didn’t give much in the job description other than driving and button pushing. I do that now so I should be ok. I tried asking for leave but the military seemed happy to send me to the middle east for free… so I leave tomorrow. I’ll post as soon as I come back. I hope this suicide bombing isn’t dangerous… with the war and stuff.

I’ll take you all out to dinner when I get back with my bucks..

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