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I just spent about a hour posting and the computer lost it. I hate it when that happens, so now I’m going to go quick.

Had a root canal done yesterday morning, and I get to finish it up tomorrow. I also get my wisdom teeth done on monday. Sucky.

My Aunt has offered to sell us a washer/dryer for $100, so I’m going to do that…

Music.. blah… been listing to music from l8nite on my irc channel since all my stuff is on my desktop. Thanks to him.

Other news, I work 8 hour shifts now. 23:00 to 07:00 I spend most my time studying for school (CLEP Tests right now) and chatting on

Tina came out from the 20th to the 30th last month. That was nice. It was good having her here, even though I worked mostly every day. That part sucked. It’ll be nice once she’s out here for good. I hate being alone, and that’ll be a nice releif.

Otherwise, not much happening. It seems like all my friends online have gone on vacation since I can never find anyone to talk to. *sigh* It’s almost depressing being so alone. Working nights I don’t get to see my friends out here… and now my online friends are gone…

Oh well.. I guess I’ll have someone soon.

Take care..

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