LJ Time!

Wake me up inside.. save me.. save me from the nothing I’ve become.

Well.. lets see. The weekend with my Aunt/Uncle Vicki/Terry and my little bro was awesome. Spent most of my time in the hot tub. I need to go back if not just for that. Aside from them being awesome, they also gave me a bunch of cookware as a wedding gift, and, best of all… they gave me a blazer! A Chevy S-10 Taho blazer to be exact. Four wheel drive.. grey.. cd player.. all that stuff! I’ve been driving all day! Whee. I’m going to go looking for a place to live tomarrow.. but yea, I’m mobile! *hops*

What else.. I finished the Bay Orderly (clean dorms) yesterday, and had a fitness test today. According to the Air Force, I’m fit. I guess thats cool. I have tomorrow off, and I have block training on Thursday, and then the next couple days off before going back to work. (Block training is the chemical/biological warfare training we get once a year.)

So I should be busy. Hopefully I’ll find a place to live quickly. What else… Oh yea.. people, help me think of something to do to occupy my time. Something creative and that people will find useful. 🙂
Thankee! Save the whales and support our troops… and all that other fun stuff.
Loves! Matt

P.S. Support this troop! Send me money! Yes? *grin*

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