I’m alive and ok :)

Well, the swelling has gone down. I was really sick on wednesday and they made me work anyways. *sigh* It sucked. Thursday I felt fine, and today I’m good too. Still have a little swelling, and it’s still kinda difficult to eat big stuff, but I’m ok.

Other news, I am a uncle. My sister had a healthy baby boy. Everythings ok for them so I hear.

What else.. My divorce is finalized for sure if I didn’t say anything already. I have the papers and all.

As for now.. My little brother and uncle Terry are on their way here right now and we’re going out to my uncles house for Easter. Fun for me! No sitting in my room all weekend. (It sucks having no friends sometimes.)

Well, he’s here, so I gotta go.. be back sunday night

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