Well, since some of you wonder, well at least one of you wonder whats up with me, here ya go…

I was finally able to test my computer, and well, the computer runs fine.. thank god. The monitor is dead though. I’m going to turn in the papers as soon as I can get to TMO. I might just walk there tomorrow. It was pretty sad though… I was outside begging people (well, I asked someone) if they had a computer and would let me borrow their monitor for five mins. One guy agreed. My roommate kept saying he would let me borrow his, but I think he has doesn’t trust me. He’s one of those people that take “Whats mine is mine, whats yours is yours.” to an extreme. He takes his soap and shampoo out of the shower when he’s finished using it every time, in what I can only guess is to keep me from using it. (I guess my stuff in there isn’t good enough for me or something.) I’m not saying thats a bad thing, but I’m just used to roommates where you share. Maybe he would share.. with someone else. I don’t know. Either way, the monitor was the only thing I needed and I found another way so I won’t bother him anymore. No rides to work either, since we’re on seperate shifts, so I might as well be living here on my own. Maybe I’ll see if I can get a cool gamer roommate for the last couple months I’m in the dorms. We’ll see.

Um.. nothing else is up with me. Nagi’s birthday is tomorrow. I haven’t gotten her anything yet though. I keep looking for stuff but most of the stuff I find is lame. Tina’s is in 13 days, and I need to get her something too. Argh.. I hate choices.

I’m tired too. I’ve been clearning my room. Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom today. (I was wondering why I was cleaning the kitchen since nobody will ever drive me to the store so I never have anything to cook, so I know it wasn’t me… heh… oh well. It feels nice to be in a semi-clean room. (Still don’t have enough room for some of my stuff.) At least all my clothes are washed and my bed is made/clean.

Well, I’ve been up for roughly 24 hours, so I’m going to crash. Love you all.
Take care.

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