Military Life — One Year!

Well, today was the day. What day, might you ask? Today is my ONE YEAR in the military! This deserves a special Military entry into my livejournal from me. 🙂 After one year of serving this country, I am now a BUS DRIVER for the air force! Go me!

I go from Japanese linguist, to Arabic linguist (since officers are the only ones to get Japanese) to Vehicle Operations (since I had a girl mess with my head and destroy my chance of doing well at Arabic). So, here I am!

The good point, I mention again, is it is a great job for school since you spend a good bit of time waiting for people to call requesting a ride. Lots of homework time.

Also, military related, I’m starting mid shift on Saturday, so I’ll be working from 7pm to 7am. If you want to talk to me, you have to look for me during those times. 🙂 Fun fun.
Thats the end of my military post.
And, I salute you!
A1C Jones — Pope AFB, NC

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