Whats up in my life…

First of all, today I was told I would be the Class Leader for the rest of the First Term Airman’s Course. Means I’ll be in charge of fourty students. There are two general class leaders below me and a uniform class leader (he checks everyones uniform to make sure their good to go..) My job is to run the class. Get them to their appointments on time, make sure they stay up to standards, call the room to attention when an officer walks in, etc. I was told I was selected because I took inititive and because I always volinteered and looked good. So I guess I’m doing something right.

Other news. I’ve had cable internet for a month now, so I decided to finally close my old dial up account. Well, as it is… when I signed up, they merged all my yahoo accounts. (fates, MJ_stridera, and the sbcglobal.net one.) Well, as I canceled my dial up account, the decided to cancel ALL the accounts. Thus being the case, I told it to delete Fates_endless_Destiny and I created a brand new account under that name. So, knowing this…
Everyone who wants to talk to me on Yahoo, message me so I can re-add you! I still have names for all my friends, so I should get around to re-adding everyone sometime.. but thats about 80 people! Well, since Nick has blocked me, and Aubree’s prob doing her very best to forget all about me, I won’t even find their names again… but it’s still alot of people!

Other new things… I’ve signed up for Martial Arts classes that they have out here. It’s Uechi Ryu Karate Do, “a classical Okinawan martial art.” The sensei is a 6th degree black belt, and talking to him he sounds really good. I’m looking forward to it. Also, they have a climbing wall at the gym that I’ve been using alot, and a full climbing gym downtown that I have some friends who are going to join with me. (They take trips to local rock faces as well, so I hear.) So, thats good for me because I have a ride. The gym here also has alot of good Raqetball courts and various supplies.

What else.. Oh yea.. Daniel, my marine (read: bullet catching) little brother is comming to visit next weekend. So we’re going to party! Whee!

Well, thats long enough. Not much else going on anyways. I saw “The Hot Chick” tonight at the base theatre… and it was pretty boring.
Well, g’night!

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