A couple things happened last night. First of all… I was watching Full Moon wo Sagashite and it came to a point where I was kinda depressed. This is not the first one that made me feel really sad, it’s just the first one that makes me wonder whats going to happen. Without giving away the whole plot, something happens to the main character that, were it me, I don’t know if I could recover from. The movie starts out with Shinigami (gods of death) who inform the main character that she only has a year left to live… After she learns this, she decides that she won’t let anything get in her way to fulfill her dream to become a singer and find her childhood love, Eichi. She has cancer if the throat, and thus, the only way she can really sing is if Takuto (on of the Shinigami) transforms her into Full Moon, a 16 year old girl. Anyways, It’s one of those shows that gets me thinking… Makes me wonder about my own goals and dreams.

Secondly, I received a email from Sony telling me they want to steal a month of my life, and I might be giving it to them. I wonder if I can sue for life lost. *ponder* Anyways, I received an email saying, “Because it’s our four year anniversary, we’re reactivating your Everquest account and giving you one month free access.” The problem with this is… they still have my characters, and I really did enjoy the game, I just remember how my life just flew by. So I might not really play but it might be fun just to mess around. I guess I’ll see what I want to do with it.

Well, I have the weekend off. I’m going to rearrange my room and clean up some, but otherwise I’ll be online most of it… (or at least around my computer.) So i’ll see you all around. *hugs* Take care.

You’re Eichi! Eichi-kun is a smart boy who is Mitsuki’s age. When Mitsuki and him were little,
You are Mitsuki
Eichi moved away. They promised eachother to fulfill both of their dreams before the next time they met. Then Mitsuki contracted cancer of the throat. Still in America, he is hoping to become an Astronaut some day and fly to the moon. He is Mitsuki’s inspiration for becoming a singer. He is very smart, makes sensible decisions, and his feelings are somewhat complex.
For more information on Eichi-kun and other Full Moon wo Sagashite characters, visit Koneko’s Full Moon site, Matter of Time!

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