Today was both a lesson in the good and the bad.

First of all, I had to wake up at 5am and go to the flightline and drive around it. I got to look at all the pretty blue and white lights. Got to watch the red line painted on the ground that if you drive across a whole bunch of Security Forces will chase you down, throw you on the ground with M16 at the back of your head. The Air Force doesn’t joke when it comes to their planes!

Anyways, so afterwards, I went to my inprocessing briefing. Turned in all my medical records and such. All’s good. That lasted until noon, which is when I went to lunch with my Uncle Scott. We ate at a chinese place and he brought a couple of his contractor friends. One good thing that came from it (besides me getting a phone… which reminds me.. I’ll put my number at the end…) is that one of his friends has a house he’s going to want someone to watch since his son is moving out of it soon. It’s about 15 mins from the base, and I’ll be able to stay there for less than a appartment would cost. So thats all good. After that, I studied for my flightline test, and received a 100% on the first test, and a 95% (Minus One) on the second test. That qualified me to become a flightline operator, so now I can drive out by the planes! I get to pick up the generals and all that fun stuff now. Cool, ne?

What else… because I went in early, they let me off early so I took my uniforms in to get unit patches sewn on and cleaned… and then I came back here to surf on my new phone line. Talked to Nagi for a little bit, but that didn’t go so well. Also talked to Tina… and that started out kinda bad but it ended pretty good. And now it’s late. And I’m sick (I have a cough and congested sinuses… *sigh*). Aside from feeling pretty miserable, todays been a pretty good day.

Other news.. since today was supposed to be my day off, they gave me tomorrow off instead. 🙂 Also, next Tuesday, they install my Cable Modem. So, once again I’ll see the world in color. I’ll smell real life! I’ll have HIGH SPEED INTERNET! YES!!!!! Ahh, the things that please me the most. ^^

My nose is dripping, my throat is raw, my eyes are burning and dry… Awwww.. isn’t life so great! *grin*
I’m going to sleep in for the first time since I’ve been here. *smile* Hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning. Good night all.

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