Happy New Years

I’m sure I’m just continuing the current rave by wishing you all a happy new year, and you prob don’t even care, but I do hope things go better for you this year. I know this year will be better for me. I’ll be happier, I’m sure about that. People keep telling me ‘good luck’ and I always respond to them: “Don’t worry, I make my own luck.” This year I’m going to make it all good.

My plane leaves at 8:30 tomorrow (Thursday) morning, and them I’m back to Ft. Lost in the Woods. *sigh* Alas, another vacation over with. It makes me sad but there’s not really anything I can do about it, so I move on. Five days there, and I graduate as a Vehicle Operator. Then I’m off to Pope Air Force Base to start my new life. I hope it goes as good as I have imagined. I’ll be saving my money for an Engagement ring and a wedding, and hopefully this one will end better than the first… but I guess having a girl who WANTS to be with me helps, so I shouldn’t have to worry.

As for New Years Night. Me and Tina went to watch a movie Catch Me if You Can but they were all sold out, and we arrived too late to eat at European Connections so I didn’t get my crepes either. *sigh* Darcie and Daniel missed out too since we were all supposed to go. I feel bad for them. *double sigh*

Afterwards, we ate at Chilies, and then drove around the city a few times. Afterwards, we went up to Petes rock, hiked to the overlook and watched the fireworks galore. It was very pretty. We had a bottle of Martinelli’s apple-grape juice that we found out required a bottle opener, so after a battle with me and the rocks, we finally opened the bottle to lots of spraying and cheering. It was actually quite an experience. It’s funny watching fireworks pop up all across the valley. We had quite the show. And afterwards Tina did, what is in my opinion, the cutest thing. As she was going down the path back to the car (it’s quite steep) she kept hopping and running and waving her arms as if she was flying. She wasn’t doing it on purpose, it was just her trying to keep her balance. I loved it. So now we’re going to enjoy the rest of the night and have a great start for the new year.

Take care all, and for those of you ‘intellectuals’ out there, check this out: Slashdot E ~ mc^2 Very interesting. Just people trying to disprove one of the first equations you learn in school. 🙂

Night all!

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