“666 plus 1337=2003”

I thought that was cute when I saw it. I read it in Piro’s rant on MegaTokyo. I’ll copy how he described it here as it is good.

The equation above has been pointed out to me by several people at this point, and I have to admit, it’s rather amusing. You take ‘3v1l l33t’, which can also be written as ‘666’ (evil) and ‘1337’ (‘leet’), add them together, and you get 666 1337=2003. How odd.

Anyways, here I am in Fort Leonardwood once again. I’ve been noticing my life diminishing as I sit around. Oh well. I was able to get Final Fantasy 8 and 9 for around $22, and I am quite pleased with that deal. I also bought a PSOne memory card for $5 so I could save the games on my PS2. Only problem is, with no TV, (The dayroom TV was always being used) I haven’t really been able to play them.. so what I did was download a PS emulator and I’m now working on FF8 on my laptop. *smiles* I’ll prob restart it on my PS2 once I get to Pope, sometime next week, but I’m still quite impressed with how well it plays on my laptop.

Other than that, and me getting a haircut, nothings happened really. Oh, I had to pee in a cup, but that common place for military. I’ll prob just sit around for the weekend and study for my final next week and hope graduation goes well. That, and cheer that this is my last weekend in this hell hole!

Well, I’m going to go watch some Anime and then go to sleep. See ya later!

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