Trouble in my side of the woods…

Well, there are two problems I have to face right now. First once is leave. My plane leaves here on the 18th at 1pm, because Christmas Exodus starts… well, the commander said today that he’s not letting anybody leave until 6pm. So, I might have to buy a BRAND NEW ticket to get home. And I’ll have to buy it only a couple days in advance, which would also suck majorly. If that happens, I really won’t have money for christmas presents.

The second started from the first. In order to go home, I need leave. Military thing, ya know? Well, we were first told to call our GAINING base, ie: Pope AFB for me. Well, they said they couldn’t do it since I’m not signed into the squadron yet. So, I was supposed to get ahold of my losing base, Monterey, and figure it out. Well, my instructor, being nice and trying to help me went and talked with the commander about this. Well, it appears that even though I’m TDY here, I was supposed to stay in the barracks with the rest of the class. I’ve been told they may make me move there tomorrow (for the whole 8 days I’m left here.. blarg…) and that the hotel room might come out of my pocket instead of the Air Force paying for it. I don’t think this is possible, since I’m doing exactly what I was told, but I find out tomorrow. So, we’ll see then. I’m hoping for good luck.

Finally, as you can tell by this, I finally got Windows on my laptop, and am using it now. It works fairly well, with a few exeptions. Like.. I didn’t know it didn’t come with a battery. (It appears they didn’t put it in because they used it for heat disspitation… It’ll cost me a little bit more to get one. *sighs* oh well. Also, I’m using a new client for LJ called Semagic, and so far I don’t like it… it won’t let me spell check, just says “Spell Check Problem”. *sighs* And the usual one is non-downloadable or something.. I couldn’t find it. Blah! Oh well…
I’m going to bed. Take care and I’ll let you know whats up tomorrow.

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