Laptop? I guess so…

I just purchased a laptop. I did it through a military thing, so it’s just going to take money out of my paycheck for the next little bit. It’s a fairly nice one. I wanted one with at least a 15″ display, but I had to get a 14″. (Only kinda they had…) The specs are at the end of this, for those who care. I didn’t choose a OS, so I’ll just put XP on it once it arrives. At least I know I have one for school. Yay.

Also, there was about two inches of snow today, so classes were canceled. Damn Missourians, don’t know what snow really is. 🙂 Hehe.. I don’t mind I guess. I guess I prefer it this way… I don’t want to be in a bus with some florida or texas kid who throws us into a ditch because he doesn’t know how to drive in the snow. baka. Anyways, take care.

My Laptop Specs:
ACI AMD Athlon™ XP DeskNote Configurator
 * ECS A929 AMD™ DeskNote With (Choose Below)
 * AMD Athlon™ XP 2100 1.73GHz 266FSB OEM
 * 512MB DDR266 ECC PC2100
 * IBM 40.0Gb 9.5mm Slim EIDE Hard Drive
 * Internal 8x DVD-Rom Drive

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