At the airport

I tried this once before but it didn’t work. I forgot to save the stupid thing. *smiles* Ahh, what a nut I am. It’s now 7:26am and my flight leaves in a hour. I’ve been stuck here for I about 12 hours now, and it hasn’t been too bad. Aside from the lack of sleep, which didn’t bother me extremely much since I took a couple hour nap before the bus left, everything went all right. I’m kinda sad that my laptop didn’t come with a radio freq. wireless networking device, (so I can get online using the airports wireless network) but oh well. The USO (Military place for people who are stuck at the airport. Really nice here, food, tv, etc. Gotta love the benefits…) had computers that I could use. I TRIED to purchase a computer battery, but alas, the computers were slow and things were kinda messed up. So, right now I MIGHT have a laptop battery coming my way… and it’s quite possibly that I might have two… which would kinda suck. Those things aren’t cheap. Anyways… so yea.. here I am. Watched Lord of the Rings, a few anime series, and played against a couple of other people with laptops a good game of Soldier of Fortune, deathmatch. That ended when I was at like 10 kills, and them at zero… they decided they needed to go for a walk. *smirk*

I’m sure I’ll be pretty tired when I actually get to Salt Lake. I might be able to sleep on the plane, but who knows.

Anyways… maybe I’ll play with something else for a little bit. I don’t know what yet, but hopefully it’ll be fun. And I’ll see you soon, Salt Lake!

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