Thanks Giving Day

Today was the day to give thanks. I went to eat a wonderful thanksgiving dinner at the Army Chow Hall, but, alas, they were closed. So my roommate and I ordered Pizza instead. I also sat around watching him play Kingdom hearts all day. Truly a great game. He’s almost beat it. (In three days. 🙂 With me helping him, he’s missed very little so far. *grin* (And Gamefaqs.) So, that was the extent of my holiday.

While he’s playing the game, I decided to check this. Nick never responded to my email asking him what happened, and Aubree blocked me from her little group. I guess she’s intent on this “Never associate with Matt again” thing. I just wonder how she can hate me so much when she swore she loved me earlier. And since she’s not talking to me, I guess I’ll leave her alone. I have the divorce papers and should have them turned in this week, so after that she’ll truly be out of my life for good. Her choice, fully… Oh well. I’ll give her that wish.

So, I guess I won’t be spending my time with Nick anymore. I wonder if Bob is against me too. Who knows how Aubree changed his mind about me. She prob says whatever she needs to just to make people hate me. *sighs*

Oh well, I am looking forward to Christmas. I’ve went shopping for some people. Nick.. even though I prob won’t be able to give it to him.. I doubt he wants it anyways… and Clint. I had something for Aubree, but again, I guess I’ll be keeping that too. I tried to keep my friends. I promised them I would stay their friend until they told me to leave them alone. *shrug* I’m lost on what to get my family. *sighs* I guess I’ll have to think harder.

I do wonder what I’m going to do come this christmas, however… I’ll prob visit Clint and his Girlfriend, see if they want to go do something. Visit Darcie and see if she’s handling her husband being tied into a knot, chewed up, and spit out every hour of the day. (Ahh, I love my Basic Training memories!) And of course, visit the grand-parents. (They’ve threatened me that if I don’t, I might die early…) *grin* And the rest of the time with whoever wants to be with me, which normally leaves only Tina. Oh well.

As for my classes… I’ve been spending my days driving fork-lifts, and reading for the tests. I’m currently top of my class. *smile* (Or as close as I can be to it…) Forklifts are fun actually. Nothing like driving in reverse through a obstacle course of load pallets with a load trying not to bump the walls. Soon we’ll be driving busses and stuff. And afterwards I’ll be in North Carolina. I’m already talking with the Education department and should be enrolled to go to school in Spring. (One nice thing about my job… it’s the best one to do because you get lots of free time for school! And being so, they advance allot of officers!) So, soon I’ll have enough money to be doing great. My car is paid off, I no longer have insurance or any other money obligation (that I know of…) and I’ll get free trips to Japan and England. (Along with a free degree.) I’ll prob buy my motorcycle this spring as well. The only thing that could make this better would be my friends… deciding they’re still my friends. I’m not betting on it. I guess they weren’t as true as I thought.

Well, I’m going to go before this gets much longer. I hope your all doing well, and I’ll write again when I can.


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