My new place

I’m in Missouri now. I don’t have a computer, nor is there any places easily accessable with one, but my friend has one and he’s letting me use it. (He’s kinda my roommate… we have seperate bedrooms and stuff, but we share a kitchen/bathroom…) I don’t mind this place. I’m TDY right now, so my room is like an Appartment. I even get a maid service. Hehe. So far I’ve only missed four questions out of sixty on my tests, and I’m working on Distinguished Graduate. *smile* I have a new address and phone number here. I’ll post it in a friends listing after this. If your not on my friends, email me. 🙂

As for my time in Salt Lake. It’s not too bad. I spent most of my time with Tina. I visited with Nick and Steve alot of the time as well. It reminded me of my life back then and it was nice. I delivered Aubree her car back, so she should be happy.

One note about Aubree. She told all of my friends not to tell me where she works, so I avoided it. If she doesn’t want to ever see me again, oh well I guess. I suppose she never did like me much in the first place. My mom is going to take care of the divorce papers so I should have that finished by next week. That will be a relief.
Also, if anyone wants to know, she works at the lugguge store in the mall. Maybe she doesn’t want me bothering her, but you can. I’m glad she has a career opportunity there. *shrug* Also, I found out she started drinking. So all the respect I ever had in her is gone. I no longer have any pride in her. So she can do whatever she wants. She promised me and herself she never would… even got mad at me when I suggested doing it. *laugh* oh well.

Well, I’m going to go watch Harry Potter.

Also, I need to save money so I can fly home for Christmas. Hopefully I’ll have enough money… funny me putting this after the “i’m going to a movie thingie.” Oh well… Win some, lose some..


P.S. I just noticed the song for my last posting. That was purely accidental! 🙂

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