Matt, in trouble again… blah…

Whoohoo! Another claim to fame. I found a omake (extra.. ie: DVD Easter Egg) on Strawberry Eggs Vol. #2, which I bought a little bit ago. Four other people must have turned it in too, but my names still on the list! Whoo hoo! oh, it’s here if you want to check it out.

Also, aside from giving me one day to outprocess, and then making me work the night before, I was kicked off CQ because it looked like a needed to shave. Well, rightly so… I mean, I did shave over 12 hours ago before my shift started. So I didn’t have to work the last hour of my 12 hour shift. I thought it was funny. First I can’t take the night off so I can sleep before I spend the whole day outprocessing, and then I get kicked off for something stupid. Gotta love this place. Bah!

Anyways, I’m packing and working on getting the outprocessing done by tonight so I can leave tomorrow or the next day.

Anyways, I guess I better finish packing. I leave most of my stuff here (computer/tv/etc) but everything I’ll need at tech school I need to take with me because it’s considered TDY(Temporary Duty). I’ll get it all back when I PCS (Perm Change of Station). So I won’t be online until February most likely. (If you see me get online, it’s prob my roommate on my computer before TMO comes to pack it up and ship/store it.

Anyways, I’m going to go finish stuff. Talk to you all later. And I’ll post before I take off on my long trek. So until then, it’s still me you see online.

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