Goodbye Monterey…

Ok. Just to keep you up to date. I now have my Orders, and I go in tomorrow to see when I leave. I’m going to try to drive the car to Salt Lake and then fly from there to Missouri. It should be easy enough. I work tonight and I’m going to be spending all day tomorrow outprocessing. It’s 9 days away so I need to leave in like three. I won’t have my computer through tech school since it’s considered TDY, but once I PCS to Pope AFB in late January, Early February I’ll have it again and I’ll be online once more.

Otherwise, all is good. The grass is brown and the tree’s are bare… but all is good.

Oh yea… a friend sent this little cat. It’s kinda fun to play with… but not really.

I guess I need to start packing. Later.

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