I just received an E-Mail today from Nick. It was telling me that he never wants to see me again. So I just lost my best friend. Then I saw one from Joe Sine, again telling me he didn’t want to see me more or less. (If he saw me he would kick my ass…) Aubree hates me… I guess giving her her car back didn’t help any. So, in essence, I just lost all my best friends in one night. You can read some of the stuff here.

I don’t know why really. Nick relates it to money. And trust… he says he doesn’t trust me. Aubree relates it to Tina… even though she’s been the ONLY person to call me and make sure I was doing all right. Joe relates it to Aubree… so… I think Christmas will be the last time I ever return to Salt Lake. It’s not my home anymore. I still have my family there, and I’ll visit them, but it won’t be home. Just a strange town I guess.

I promised Aubree I would always be her friend until she told me to go away. And she’s even told me that and I still try to be nice. As for Nick… we used to joke that our friendship was strong enough that nothing would tear us apart. And in one night, he’s gone. People wonder why I stay with Tina. Nobody realizes that she’s the only person in this world who seems to care for me. I like having at least one friend…

Who knows… maybe she’ll call tonight and say she found someone else and he said she can’t be friends with me anymore.

Ever wonder what it’s like to have no friends in the world….
If I find out… I doubt I’ll tell you.


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