When dreams come alive…

I just had a really interesting dream. It was one of those good ones where you wake up feeling all happy and special and stuff…

Basically, living on the beach and in Army post is getting to me, because Army posts don’t have Swimming Pools, and the beach is too cold. (Cold enough to ask for Hypothermia.) Basically, since I used to be on the swim team and swam like every day… I miss it. A lot…

So, in my dream, I went to the local pool. There is one around here, I just haven’t been able to go yet. So I’m there, and there is this swimmer girl with long blond hair and stuff that I was talking too. She was generally showing me around, telling me about the people. Her little brother was there too, but he was getting involved with the wrong group, sadly. (More or less, she didn’t like his friends.)

Anyways, we were talking and suddenly she screams and runs away. I see her brother floating at the other end of the pool. I start following her, and get there as she’s pulling him out. There was a lifeguard there but he wasn’t doing anything but staring. I yelled at him if he was going to do anything, but he didn’t so I pushed him out of the way and started doing CPR. (I was trained when I got my lifeguard back when I was like 15, but nothing really since. I should go take a refresher course while I’m here…)

Anyways, we were able to get him breathing raggedly/heart beating when the paramedics showed up. So the girl left with her brother and I sat there on the edge of the pool just looking out. And the funny thing is… I remember thinking that she never said thank you, and sadly knowing I wouldn’t be here when she came back. I felt good for saving his life though… but I guess it doesn’t mean much concerning it was a dream. I guess it’s just good knowing that, in a dream at least I didn’t hesitate and was able to help. I guess that means something.

The last thing I remember of the dream was laying down on the grass by my house when my mom came home. I went over and smiles and gave her a hug. Maybe I miss being away from home too. It was all so strange. But I was still smiling when I woke up and I felt a sense of accomplishment and hope. So I guess maybe in a way I saved a piece of my own soul in that dream… I piece that was floating in the water for a bit. I don’t know, maybe I’m just spouting words here, but I’m still smiling…
And that’s what makes all the difference.

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