Time to write… or something…

I figure it’s been long enough that I should write and say what’s going on.

First of all, Tina was out here last week. It was a relatively a good time. Went to a play (Born Yesterday) and watched some stuff. It was kinda our one year anniversary of knowing each other, so we bought gifts. I got a really nice leather trenchcoat that cost about $300. (I paid two hundred of it.) and we got Tina a small diamond ring. It was about $100. She also bought a leather coat that matched mine in leather, but was just a normal coat. It was money I prob shouldn’t have spent, but I love the coat and she appears to also. However… it comes to love. Tina loves me, and I still don’t know what love is. She’s a good friend, but I doubt we’ll go beyond that. I doubt I’ll go beyond that anyways. I’ve been letting the pieces fall how they will, and because of such, have been doing more with her than I prob should have, but she knows I don’t want anything too serious. I don’t know how things will turn out, but I guess I take the distance between us as a buffer between anything that might happen so I don’t do anything to actively stop it. I really don’t want to hurt her either. I do care for her, and she is a great friend, but I just don’t want marriage or anything even close to such a commitment. I gave my heart away and swore myself to one girl already, it’ll take me a while to be able to say that again without wondering how long it’ll take for this one to leave me.

Next, I have what’s called RMT. Remedial Military Training. I got this for doing what I was told in the great military fashion. The next CQ (Charge of Quarters) shift came in 15 mins early and told us to leave. We left, unknowing that there is a paper saying You can not leave early for any reason. Aside from this, the Sergeant doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and doesn’t like anybody, not to mention me who actually stands up for myself, and so we got in trouble. I’m Phase one again. I can’t leave the post, and I need to stay in my uniform at all times.

I think I’ll go see a movie today. I love wearing my leather coat anyways. And when the punishment is for unjust reasons, I don’t normally follow them. (Besides, it’s not bad unless I get caught, right? Guess I better be sneaky.) I’ve been going to town all week. I’m not worried, I just hate having to be sneaky about it. Blah.

Also, I’ve been getting in trouble because I’m not divorced yet. I don’t get money to support my ‘spouse’ and she doesn’t have a military ID or any of her information on file. I need to get the divorce papers soon or I might find myself facing very important people. The military takes family very seriously. Aubree’s had the papers for a little bit now, so I hope she returns them quickly.

What else. I’ve been programming a lot more lately. Playing with MFC. I think I’m going to write Bob’s little gurps character generator. He’ll have to enter all the information, but it’s a good example of a good user interface, database driven application. If anyone’s interested in giving ideas, e-mail me or just comment to this.

So, now you know what’s happened to me in the last month. Nagi’s happy with her boyfriend again. I never really expected any less I s’pose. She has the same distance between us that’s keeping me from any other woman so I never expected us to be able to become anything more. I miss her as a friend though. It’s hard working nights, we don’t get to talk much.

Still don’t know what my new job will be either. Will put it here as soon as I can.
Well, I’m going to play with MFC for a bit and get back to work. Night.

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