I’m getting so tired of this…

The message:

If you think that I am signing that bull shit of a divorce agreement you are dead wrong. I love how the reason for our divorce is that I fell in love with someone else and it resulted in arguments and/or violence. What the hell is that! I already told you that isn’t why I left. I also love how it makes it so you owe me nothing. You owe me the money for my car! And I could (if I wanted to be really mean BUT I wont) ask for all the extra money that you have been earning because we are stilled married. That is actually mine you know. If you are going to be this way about all this I have no problem counter filing. I don’t want all of those lies and crap in there! If you aren’t going to tell the truth I will find a way to do it myself. You either revise it or I will do it myself and file.

First of all, the car is from when she told me she didn’t love me and left and I paid for her to take the bus home because she didn’t want to drive… leaving her car here. And because I still loved her I told her I would pay for the car. My pity I guess. I need to learn not to pity people. Secondly, when she left, I talked to my lawyer and they told me to cancel the BAH (Payment for her housing, etc) since we were separated. This way she can’t bring it back on me and I won’t end up paying anything back to the air force. Thirdly, because we weren’t ever really married… (She left me on the first day together) I never supported her in any way. We never bought any ‘communal’ property (Anything I bought was with my own money and it was for a house I don’t have… so I got rid of the stuff) so she has no grounds for asking me for anything, money or otherwise. (Legally, she can’t ask for money for the car since there wasn’t anything signed to prove change of ownership or sales… but I’ll pay her for it. It’s cheap compared to having her bother me over it…)

And lastly, as far as I know she left me because she didn’t love me and she did love Tyrell. I don’t know any different.
And besides, if she wanted to TRY and file it against me, I have JAG (Judge Attorney General: IE Military Lawyers) and she would have to pay for the entire thing, plus I could counter for wasting my time, and money with putting me through a false marriage. (One nice things about having lawyers to talk to is you can learn how to turn the tables really nicely.) Because I paid for everything for her and was as nice as I Could be able it, she has nothing against me, and I have everything against her.

But, in the end, I asked her how she wants me to change it and to send it back to me. I don’t care as long as this ends. ASAP.
That’s all.

I would have never even wanted to date her if I knew she was like this.. *sigh*
Only goes to show what people have hidden beneath their masks.

(P.S. I don’t know where the thing is right now, but she can’t get mad at me for including her e-mail. It was legally proven that e-mail is public domain, thus giving Sys Admins the rights to read e-mail to verify no security threats, etc. A reason crypto is so big. I just wanted to mention that beforehand.)

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