Work.. blah

Today kinda sucked… I guess. It wasn’t bad, just long.

I started working CQ, which is normal. Woke up at 5pm, showered, shaved, etc. Got to CQ at 7:45 as normal. Worked until about 4am doing the normal stuff… Watching the kid on suicide watch, unlocking doors for dumbasses who locked themselves out, reading the next Wheel of time novel or studying Japanese. Anyways, at four o’clock, the Travis driver (explain later) comes in and we can’t find the key to the van she drives, nor does she have a alternate driver for the trip…

So guess who decided to go with her.

Now, the Travis driver drives people to Travis Air Force Base, where the big hospital is. So I end up driving down there. It was kinda neat, saluting a 2star general and a full-bird colonel. I also was able to eat air force food once again, and that almost made it all worth it. Walked around the big BX and stuff. But in the end I sat there doing nothing for 6 hours until their appointments were over with, and then I drove back. It’s now around 7:00. So not quite 24 hours, but close enough.

Needless to say, I’m tired and going to sleep.
Have a good day.


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