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note: I wrote this last night.. I found out the ‘unknown hosts’ were from my connection when I tried to post this. *blarg* Took until this morn for me to be able to connect again. Oh well

What to do… what to do?

I have the day off work (I don’t start CQ until Thursday) and so I’m sitting up trying to figure out what to do. My roommates asleep, so it kinda limits me to doing stuff online. (Can’t read my book in the dark…) I sat around trying to think of something useful. Steve messed with the server again (Upgraded windows) but neglected to add my username back to the Terminal services… meaning I I had no access to my webpage. I can access his SQL server remotely (I set it up so I know that will work…) and since I have php and iis on my system I suppose I can do that… I’m just annoyed that I can’t upload anything ATM…
(I set almost everything up for him and so I’m sure I could find a way to hack it and give me access once more… but that’s too much work… I’ll just yell at him tomorrow.)
Argh! After finally getting some progress, I all of a sudden get this ‘Unknown host!” *sigh* Now his server has gone offline. What luck. I guess I won’t be doing anything right now anyways. (I just have to keep reminding myself. Air force barracks have high speed connection. I’ll be going there soon. Sooooooon. I’ll have my OWN server running once again… soooon… I hate waiting!)

Other news… My father is coming to the bay area for business and I’m supposed to meet him on Friday. We were going to go SCUBA diving, but I haven’t taken the little class the military has saying I know how to dive so I can’t get the tanks and stuff. *sighs* So we’re prob just going to chill somewhere and talk. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually have a father-son moment… I gave up on those back when I was 15 or so. I honestly doubt it, but who knows.

Also, I’ve almost paid off everything. I only owe like $300 on my car! I’ll have it paid off next month. Aside from school bills, I’m all caught up. (well, I need to pay back friends too.. I’ll do that next month as well.) With no car payment..what will I do?
Oh yea… that’s right.. I’m going to go buy a motorcycle tomorrow if I can. 🙂 We’ll see.

Well, since his server is still down, I’m going to bed. Sorry if this seems pretty choppy. I’ve edited it continuously over the last couple hours while programming. I hope it’s readable.
Good night.

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