Wisdom Teeth hurt…

Actually, it’s the removal of them that hurts. They only removed one of them. The upper right. It was tearing the tooth next to it a new … (insert witty word here), and so they removed it. It wasn’t that bad.. I just stared at the ceiling while they jerked, poked, etc. And now I’m eating Cotton. On the plus side… I get the whole day off of school tomorrow to sit in my room and stare at … nothing. Maybe I’ll watch Kannon again. Who knows.

Only problem is.. My cheek is still numb from the anaesthesia… I’m kinda scared for when it wears off.. *mommy!*


So if you want to come by and poke me with a stick, throw stuff at me, or in general just laugh at the amazing man with a huge cheek, feel welcome.


Oh, yea.. My birthday present to myself… my new 40X Lite-on cd burner.. it’ll be here tomorrow. At least I get something to play with all day! Whoo hoo!!! I’ll post more about this drive later. It’s the best on the market for it’s price. Kicked the others out of the water. *grins evilly*

Status: In Transit
Scheduled Delivery: Sep 10, 2002
Shipped to: MONTEREY, CA, US
Shipped or Billed on: Sep 6, 2002

Tracking Number: 1Z 60E W91 03 4941 200 3
Service Type: GROUND
Weight: 1.00 Lb

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