Marriage Destruction

Just got back from Legal and here’s the deal…

I don’t qualify for an annulment because that’s only for severe cases, like if Aubree was really a man or mentally insane. Besides, I would have to get a lawyer and fight it and all that junk…

So, we go for a no-fault divorce. Summery Dissolution. Basically means, it ends and we move on. No anyone paying anybody else. Just get it over with. I get the papers, get Aubree to sign them, fork out $200, and wait 6 months for it to finish. (I need to wait a month and a half to do it here just because I need to be in Cali for six months.) Or Aubree can do it from Utah and we can get it over with now…

I think I’ll go get the papers next week and get them ready so they can be filed ASAP.

That’s my life.

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