Happy Birthday To Me

I’m not sure what I’m doing tomorrow, but a bunch of friends are taking me out for my birthday. It should be fun. I wonder if anyone from home even remembers other than my Family… Who knows… Nick prob remembers… I wonder about Aubree.. I would think she does, but who knows nowdays. Nagi knows… and most people online will know due to either online reminders or my nick being “Strider – Happy Bday to me.” It’s time like this that I feel somewhat alone. I have my friends, but I don’t think I have any true friends. Not anymore. *sigh*

Today I went to the dentist and spent half the day in the chair or with a numb lip. I also went to study and walked the beach with Tina some. She’s the one coordinating the whole birthday bash tomorrow so it should be interesting. (It’s strange, she has more friends out here than I do.. how did she work that? *boggle*) Anyways… Tomorrow is my speaking test, and we’ll see how well I do.

I hope I have a good day. I really do… Even if I don’t, I’m going to make it a good day. Why? Because that’s who I am. I work through a doomed marriage, through a language I hate, and through a lot of other bad things, yet still I’m an optimist… It just goes to show what you can do if you put your heart into it.

Thanks and have a good night…

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