Today was all in all a good day I would say. First of all, I got no sleep and was really tired morning in class… but did I let that stop me! Hell no!
I got out of class at 1 to go to my house to turn it in. She told me like 10 more things I needed to do so I spent the rest of the night cleaning it except for a hour or so I went to work out… and that’s where the cool stuff happened!
First of all, I went to a martial arts class taught by a girl I know. Well, I started helping her and we ended up sparring and stuff… in the end, she asked me if I would help her teach. So now I’m the assistant teacher for the dojo here. Well, afterwards, I was walking towards the weight room to lift weights, and what do I see, but a little Korean lady. I think she’s a teacher here actually. But she studied as a dragon master in sword (boken/shinai) and said she’s going to start teaching a course… and she wanted someone to help her get ready for it. So I get sword lessons from her, and I’ll be her assistant when she starts teaching. This is so awesome. It’s only like a hour a day so I still have plenty of time for my homework and all that stuff. *smile* Life just might be getting better for me.

Anyways, I need to get to sleep.. need to be up in 6 hours. *blah*

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