I ended it today. I told Aubree I would give her the money I promised, as well as the leftover gifts I have, and that will be the end of it. I told her I wouldn’t talk to her anymore because whenever I do I just make her mad… I deleted her from my list…. so she no longer needs to worry about me and I won’t wonder whats going to happen when I see her log on. She’s never back from her friends before I go to bed normally, so it isn’t too different, but now I won’t be held responsible for it. I’ll still talk and be civil if she messages me however… it’s against my true nature not to.

Also, Nagi left before I could really thank her so I’ll do it here… She’s always been there for me, and even when I treated her badly… (She still reminds me of the time I left her for another…) she has always been a friend. She’s always been one of the few people who’ve cared for me no matter who I’m with, or whats happening. It’s nice to think about the times we’ve talked and how we were always happy considering. She’s helped me the most when it came to tough times. I really do appreciate and love her. Hey, who knows… if I get my way, maybe I will end up getting married again. (I hope this one lasts more than a week. 🙂 Just don’t tell her I said that. 😉

Also, Tina told me a legend that I thought I would share with you. I write it for Nagi so I’ll just copy the conversation.
Enjoy. — Matt

Strider: once upon a time there was an angel
Strider: And she looked upon earth wonderingly…
Strider: knowing that it was forbidden, yet wondering what treasures it held that made it so
Strider: So she broke the rules
Strider: And on earth, she found a man
Strider: And was totally lost in his eyes… his arms, and eventually his soul.
Strider: And she realizes she broke another law…
Strider: to love a mortal
Strider: But she didn’t care.
Strider: She continued to love him…
Strider: But eventually, the heavens found her trespass
Strider: And they were separated
Strider: Yet, heaven is not without it’s mercy.
Strider: Three lifetimes was their sentence
Strider: To live, and meet each other in each one
Strider: Yet to always be torn apart
Strider: Never being able to experience true love
Strider: Never being able to hold onto that they knew they wanted more than anything
Strider: Three lifetimes past… and they were reunited…
Strider: Together in heaven
Strider: for eternity.
Strider: Love always conquers all.
sally: very beautiful
Strider: And thus, you have the legend of the Chinese Valentines Day…
Strider: Which was on the 15th of this month.
Strider: Not really a important day to us
Strider: but a pretty legend

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