Today was a good day. Aside from being a chauffeur for people… and putting off the inevitable super house cleanup for Thursday, I just sat around and talked with Nagi. It reminded me of old times. We were able to talk of everything and didn’t have to worry about each other, because we knew the other person knew what we meant and how we felt. I didn’t have to hide anything with her. I feel a lot better. I still say to her “Boku no Tenshi” or She’s my angel. She’s always been that I guess. With Tina confusing everything I say and trying everything to be with me and not be herself… and Aubree telling me goodbye, she’s been the only really strong point in my world. I missed that a lot. Missed being able to talk… miss feeling loved.. cared for.

I wonder what will happen between her and Robby.. but hopefully things will be ok. She’ll always be a friend if nothing more. Nothing else to say really. Time draws to an end in this house and soon I’ll be back in the barracks. I guess we’ll just have to see what that live will bring.

Also, I didn’t sleep last night because of various reasons.. but I’m tired. I go night night now. Jya matta!


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