Tired tired tired!

Well, I’m pretty tired… I couldn’t sleep very well last night and was up until like 3am, which sucked because I had to wake up at 6 this morning. (5:45 actually…) And so I’m pretty tired. After class I ran for my hour with Air Force PC, and then I went to the Fitness Center to teach my class…. and two people showed up. Erin and Amanda, and only because I told them to. So I spent that time teaching them the ‘new’ stuff… but ended up swing dancing because they didn’t want to learn… they were just there to see me… so I stayed there doing that until 6, when another class started. This is a Brazilian art where, back when they were slaves, they turned dancing into a martial art. It has lots of moving, flips, cartwheels, and the like. I did this until 7:30, when I went and sat in the shower for a half an hour. Then I came back to my room, got two chicken sandwiches for dinner, came online.

It’s about 9:00 now, and I’m really tired. I wish Nagi was on.. she doesn’t seem to be online as much as she used to be… I guess I don’t blame her… it’s like 3 hours ahead of me there, so I guess I would miss her a lot. There really isn’t anything else that happened, so nothing else to day. I’m going to bed though. Tired… very tired…. 🙂
Talk to you all tomorrow. I hope everythings going well.

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