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Well, I finally did it. I paid for my Livejournal account. I’ve been meaning to forever now, and as far as I see, they did a great job and are working hard to keep livejournal running so it only seemed right. I consider it like anime… while I have ALOT of stuff I received from my fansub groups, I pay for what I consider excellent work. I try to support whom I can. Also, you can visit my journal from to view my journal on the so called ‘fast servers.’ It should helps some.
I wanted to play with my newfound benefits so I did some user searching by directory. (Anime friends!) I also looked at adjusting my page style a lot to make it anime-related somehow, but I sort of like the clear simplicity of my default page so I left it as is. Maybe sometime later, but for now simple is better.

Also, I told Netzero to go to hell. I finally decided to go with Pacbell since they were big, in my area, and decently priced. Also, hopefully I can get DSL in my barracks and get my webpage running once more. Who knows. I will have lots of pictures up though! And that brings us to our next point… Pictures!
I bought a new camera today. Quickcam Clicksmart 510. It’s pretty sweet. It has 8megs of flash memory so I can take it wherever and take pictures/record video and download to the comp when I get home. Click here to see all the cool features it has. So yea, expect lots of pictures. 🙂

I also bought the Ah! My Goddess! movie to complete that series in my collection. I need to get the rest of Love Hina and start on the other series I want. There’s just too many of them. I need to get people paid off first though, and that will take some time. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh well…

Well, it’s like 5am right now. Normally I would be waking up at this time. Gotta love weekends. Anyways, one last fun new trick before bedtime…

Whee! Gotta love the paid accounts! Anyways, nite!

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