Sometimes I don’t understand girls. I’ve told Tina that I just want to be friends like 100 times, yet last night she spent like a hour trying to get me to change my mind. It was the first time in my life I’ve had someone tell me not to yell at them… I guess I do raise my voice when I get upset. Or just annoyed is more like it. I told her 10 times that I had to go.. and she’s like Ok, but what about… GRRR! I wish I was mean enough to just hang up on her. She wants me to go ask neighbors, complete strangers at that, if she can stay at their house so she could come visit me. *mutter* I’m getting ready to just tell her that I don’t even want to be friends… that she stresses me out too much over stupid stuff and she needs to go find a life that’s not mine. *sigh*
Anyways.. I also talked (argued) with Aubree. Doesn’t seem like we can really talk too civilly anymore. She’s still legally my wife, but emotionally, I wonder if she ever was. She for one never had to use my life… I almost wonder if she ever wanted me in her life at all… blah.
And I wanted to talk to Nagi, but I left because Tina kept e-mailing me, so I was just going to tell Tina to go away, but that blew up and Nagi left.. *sigh* Now I’m just so stressed and I don’t have anyone to talk to… Bob isn’t even answering messenger… but that’s normal for him half the time. The strange part is just him even being ON messenger.
I cleaned my house and have everything packed except the stuff in the fridge and my computer, so I’ll do that tomorrow and finish all this up. Tomorrow I’ll begin my life in the barracks once more. *sigh* Oh well.
I did have a fairly good time tonight before the Tina incident. I joined a yahoo cyber room.. er chat room and started making fun of everyones name as they entered. Strangely, it became the best conversation I’ve ever seen in a yahoo chat room. I might have to do that again.
Anyways… It’s late and I’m here with no anime and no friends so I’m going to sleep. Or maybe read a little bit and then sleep. The Wheel of Time almost has a book 10 and I need to re-read the series to make sure I know whats happening. 🙂
Take care! *huggles*

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