Latest news… I’m on Drill team. (They throw rifles at each other and make it look cool. 🙂 I’m actually really good at it. I already have my black rope showing I’m on presentation team. *grin* I’ve hurt myself a few times by catching it wrong and bled over everything… I also broke a rifle in half by missing a spin *hehe* but other than that I’m really good. I’m third in row from the commander right now.

Bad news… I finally took care of the house. No wife = no house. So in a week (7 Aug) I move back into the barracks. I guess it won’t be that bad… just means I can’t lie in the shower all day anymore. Heh. But I’m over that I guess.

As for Aubree. I talked with her once… she said she’s happy but she has no job. So I am going to do the annulment myself anyways. *shrug* I guess I expected as much.

Anyways, Nagi is online right now and I want to talk to her! She makes me happy.
Have a great day!

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