Is life anything more than a big joke?

Well, I’ve fixed my computer so I’m typing this from my own front room. If I wasn’t such a super genius I might be really depressed right now without a computer. *smile*
Well, lets start right off with how pathetic my life is (read: proof I’m a false super genius)

First, I get an e-mail from Clint saying somehow I got Aubree mad at him… *sigh*
Next, I still have NO IDEA whats up with my marriage since Aubree never calls.
I failed my first Arabic Test… Miserably.
I’m pretty sure Aubree hates me… and I’m in depression because I still feel the biggest mistake was letting her go, but I know I couldn’t get back together with her…
I hate my job… hate my language… only thing I like about this place is my house, which I lose soon…
I really just hate my life in General now.
I guess the only real thing I could say I have is Tina, but I don’t think I could love anyone right now…
At least she wants to be with me… *laugh* Someone does I guess..
Anyways, I’ll stop my crying…

Lets see… good things… A girl asked me out today. There is a Air Force ball tomorrow. She came up and asked if I would go… Since I had nothing else to do, I accepted. Who knows whats going to happen.

Well… I’m going to go to sleep. At least in my dreams I’m content. đŸ™‚ And tomorrows Friday… I have a weekend to walk the beach or something. Talk to you all later.

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