Time passes…

I’ve been hoping things would get easier, but as long as there is something to remember, I still do. I tried to call her, but I didn’t get an answer, nor has she called me since. I guess she really wants a clean break or something. It would be easier on her and Tyrell I guess if I wasn’t in the picture at all. It’s still hard.

My neighbor invited me over for dinner last night and they are letting me borrow a table and some chairs for a little bit, so at least I have a place for Daniel and Tina to eat and sit when they come. I just hope I make it that long.

As for arabic.. I hate it. It’s the ugliest language I know, and I still have no interest in it. I keep trying, but it’s hard with no motivation. ugh
I hope things get better soon.. blah…
Oh well.. Until later…

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