Things seem to be getting worst. I need to spend $600 to get Aubree’s car fixed… I need to come work all day saturday because I missed something I needed to do Saturday to drive Aubree to the bus station… I’m stuck in an empty house, with no vehicle, and no friends to go visit close by… And it seems Aubree really has abandoned me for good. I’ve tried calling her, I’ve left her messages, and she doesn’t seem to be responding. I’m nearly crying myself to sleep at night because of everything thats happening.

I keep telling myself that it’ll get better, but it’s hard to believe… I just hope things to get better soon. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. *sigh* At least I get my computer next week and get to see my brother and Tina. Also the Anime Expo should cheer me up some. I guess I’ll just wait and see…

I hope to hear from ya all. Call me or something! ^^

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