Last day of boot camp!

Well, I’ve finished it. I live through the yelling, the push-ups, the mental abuse, the physical abuse, the stupid trainee’s, the stupid airmen, and all the imaginable stuff (some of it unimaginable) that a TI (Training instructor) can do to you in boot camp. Some cool things that came from it. I graduated with Honor Graduate! I almost got marksmanship too, but I didn’t shoot the M16 well enough. (32/40… I needed 35/40…) Oh well, I can get marksmanship later, but this is the only time I could have received Honor Grad.

Lets see.. Other big information. I’m engaged! Sept 20th is the tentative date. It’ll most likely be moved up so we can be together. I’m marrying Aubree of course… and it’ll be great! Hehe…

Lastly… my language… I was given Arabic. *sigh* Chinese was all taken so they gave me the next one they needed. I guess it’ll be cool if I ever go to Persia or something, but I don’t see much use in learning it for my own personal reasons. Oh well, I will work hard at it since it is my job.

Anyways… I fly out to Monterey California tonight at 2am, so things should be good. I’ll be able to get online more often there as well. So I’ll see you all then. Wish me luck! Even though the hardest part is behind me. Hehe.


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