Updates, get your updates!

Quick little update before I fall asleep here.

I leave for boot camp a week from tomorrow (Counting today as morning, which I don’t normally do… tomorrow is after you sleep… 😉 and well, I’m looking forward to it, and in a way I’m not. It’ll be the day I say goodbye to friends and family for a long time. It’ll be the day I start getting yelled at for 6 weeks straight. And it’ll be the day I get out of Utah, start getting paid, and hopefully start getting my life back on track. I hope things go as planned…….. for once… (If they don’t give me Japanese, I’ll cry!)

Latest news… I broke up with Tina, but we’re still friends. Me and Aubree are together again until I leave. I won’t be dating anyone when I leave because it just leads to trouble. (For me anyways…) Who knows though, I’ve been thinking of marriage and maybe Aubree is the one for me. I guess we’ll see what things are like after school when I can actually get married and BE with the person. (Yes, at tech school, you stay in dorms, not with your spouse… And yes, it is dumb but I didn’t make the rules…)

You have exactly a week left to e-mail me. If you haven’t sent me an e-mail yet, your not on my friends list and it’ll prob be put in junk mail, and without me to check the junk mail folder, it’ll be deleted. So if you plan on sending me a e-mail and expect me to read it when I get out of basic training, send a quick e-mail soon!

This week will be basically packing. I hate packing. The only exception is this weekend. Friday-Sunday will be a huge farewell party for me. My friends are throwing it for me. It should be fun. We’re going to watch anime (Trigun) and just have fun. Music, dancing, etc. Ahh, my friends rock… I’ll miss them.

Anyways, I guess I should get to bed.. it is 5am after all. *laugh* Good night.


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