Update on my life… Different Air Force Departure Date

Well, there has been a lot of drama in my life lately, so I’ll just ignore the whole personal side of it. Just believe me that you really don’t want to know… 🙂

Other news…. I went and took a test for the Air Force called the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB). Apparently, only 35-40% of the people who take it pass, and I happened be one of those elite few. I received a 105, when I needed a 90 to pass. My job changed from General Aptitude to “Air Force Intelligence – Cryptologic Linguist Apprentice.” I don’t know, the new one sounds better to me, ne? Here’s what I’ll be doing…
Job Description: You will operate voice communications equipment, conduct frequency search missions, assist in operation of direction finding equipment, transcribe recorded voice communications signals, and analyze transcripts of voice communication signals. (Note: This is an overseas imbalance speciality and most Air Force personnel working in this job are assigned to overseas locations.)

I’m going to learn Japanese and go to Japan if all goes well. 🙂 Training looks like this:
Training: After completion BMT [read: boot camp at Lackland AFB in Texas], 6/12 months at Monterey CA, followed by 12 weeks, 3 days at Goodfellow AFB, TX.

Here is the rest of it…
Your enlistment in this AFSC is for six (6) years of active duty, guarantees you accelerated promotion to E-3 at 20 weeks time in training, or upon successful completion of technical training. In addition, you will receive a $9,000 cash bonus upon successful completion of technical training in this AFSC. In case your interested, an E-3 makes $1,214.70/month. 🙂 And the bonus will be a nice addition as well. *evil grin*

Ahhh… And last but not least, my new departure date: March 05, 2002.
It went from:

It is 108 days, 15 hours, 41 minutes and 58 seconds between those dates
Or 9387718 seconds or 156461 minutes or 2607 hours


It is 24 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes and 27 seconds between those dates
Or 2130027 seconds or 35500 minutes or 591 hours

A lot of people aren’t taking it well… (Aubree/Tina/Etc.) They knew I was leaving, but they weren’t expecting it to come so soon.

So, that’s it. I leave in less than a month. I’m working on getting things taken care of, selling my car, etc. Maybe one of the morons who are here for the Olympics will buy it. *chuckle* Who knows. Ahh, life in Salt Lake City. Blarg. Well, I didn’t sleep much last night, so I’m going to bed. Nite all. 🙂


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