Two Weeks until boot camp

Hello. It’s now two weeks and one day until I leave. Things are getting hectic around here. Girlfriends are crying, friends are planning big parties, and I’m stuck in the middle of everyone trying to spend time with me. It’s kinda cool, but they are always reminding me that I’ll be gone for a long time. Anyways, I decided that I wanted to add this real fast before I left.

If anyone wants me to write them while I’m gone, e-mail me your info! Make the subject noticeable so I can tell your not junk mail! Remember, you have two weeks left to email me. (March 5th) Hehe… Anyways, I’ll be around for a bit longer… but most of my time will be spent packing and etc. I hope all things go well. I’ll be really mad if they change my language from Japanese to something else. Heh…

Anyways, better get back to work.. Ja


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