What Cartoonist am I? Stolen from shippo

I ended up being Gabe from Penny arcade.. which I didn’t want because I don’t read it. (People say I should, but I love my megatokyo.) I thought I was more a Piro like Shippo, but he was number 5, and Largo was number three. Come on! I don’t even drink beer! Blah! So I cheat, I’m Piro! I don’t care what the damn tests say. And go read Megatokyo! It still rocks! 🙂

Here is Gabe:

You may not seem to be the smarter of the two guys at Penny Arcade, but your happy go-lucky ways and love of Pac-man will always give you the power to win at Super Smash Bros.

Which webcartoonist Are You?

And here is Piro:

You seem to be a little depressed at times, and tend to be sarcastic, but all you really want is some love. You also seem to have trouble in believing in yourself despite how good everyone tells you you are, I mean come on, you’re the artist of Megatokyo

Which webcartoonist Are You?

Hehe.. you choose.

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