This is the suckiest day that ever sucked

Ok, about my sucky day. Well, it started out with me waking up only after a couple hours of sleep to go to my great grandpas’ funeral. It was sad because I still remember all the great times I used to have over at their house when I was younger. I wish I had gone to visit him some more, but I guess it’s too late now. You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone… I was able to see my Uncle Terry there. (Barbara’s dad, if you recall her.) He told me how much Barbie talked about me and my little brother and how much we helped her “survive” out here without her family. That made me feel good. The actual services sucked however. The first speaker broke his leg so the bishop of their ward filled in… and gave us a little church lesson, which sucked. Afterwards, my Aunts talked about growing up with him, and that was cool and all… but it seemed to just go nowhere. I hope my great-grandma enjoyed it… it was her husband after all…….. Poor grandma…

After that, I was in the mood to talk to someone, so I called Tina. I received more bad news. Her parents are afraid we were getting too close together. So they… um.. grounded her so to say. We’re not allowed to hang out on week-days. This pissed me off, but I can’t do anything about it. She lives in their house and she obeys their rules, but how can someone make such a dumb rule on their kids when they’re 20 years old? It annoys me! Especially considering I never took that shit. (I was kicked out early because of it, but that’s beside the point…) So I couldn’t talk with her too long since she was at work, so I came home.

For some strange reason, I thought it would be nice to talk to Aubree, since she still says we’re still best friends (Although I doubt it…) So I call her up. She says she has no plans but, basically, wanted to hang out with Jeremy instead. I’m trying to figure out how long you should try to stay friends with someone before you should give up on it. I’ll keep trying for a bit, but I would hope she would try some as well. I don’t expect it, but it’s nice to hope.

So, with nothing else to do, Nick, Daniel and I drove around and applied for jobs at random places. I hope I find a job soon. I really need it.

After that, the day got a little better… Nick decided to buy the Ranma 1/2 box set, and so we threw a party. We couldn’t find Dannon, Daniel wanted to go home (He didn’t sleep the night before and wasn’t feeling well.) Aubree made it clear she didn’t want to hang out with us, so we only ended up having Steve over. Aside from that, Ranma kicks MAJOR ass and we enjoyed it.

After that I received a message about the hit and run on my car. Apparently, they can’t find the owner of the car. But here is some info in case anybody wants it.

1979 Chev El Camino, Plates: Utah: 612 JTF Owned by a Kay Distributing (5600S 3570W) and is insured by Hartford ITT. Hopefully that’s enough to get my car fixed. We’ll see…

Anyways, I’ll prob write another entry about the cabin in a little bit, so look forward to that. It was fun.

Talk to you all later.

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