I’ve had a great last couple of days. I’ve spent most of the time with Nick and Tina and we’ve had fun. We’ve been hiking in the snow at night, watched movies (don’t tell a word is actually an all right movie!), and just laid around and done nothing. Tina said tonight that will be her favorite memories after I leave. Just me and her laying around talking. It’s been difficult to end the nights as well. In the past I, with Aubree and prior girlfriends, there was always a curfew so we had to end it at this time, no questions asked. With Tina however, we constantly stay together until 4-5am, and then we end it just because we know we need sleep and stuff. I feel bad because I keep her out late when she has to be up early to work, but I can’t help it.. I know she’s going to be super tired today at work and I feel bad because of it. *sigh* Oh well, we’re not doing anything tonight because she’ll need to get some sleep. She really needs it.

Other news. Work has been going all right for the sporadic business I’m in. I need to get another job for steady money though. There are lots of fun stuff I want to do before I leave and I won’t be able to if I don’t get some steady income. I’m going to search for a job again tomorrow, so I’ll keep ya informed.

And, on a sad note… I got home around 5am from dropping Tina off tonight. Anyways, my mom gets up at 5:30 and leaves for work at 6am. Normally me being awake isn’t a big deal since I’ve always been like this. (In the past it was programming, but she likes the girl influence better for some reason… heh…) Anyways, today I heard Kiogno (step-dad) yelling at her. This in itself isn’t all that uncommon so I ignored it, however I heard my mom crying after a little bit and heard something about him hitting her. I ran out of my room but she just shut the door with him in their room and went downstairs to leave for work. I followed her down and asked if she was all right. She told me, still crying, “He’s not a bad man, it’s my fault, I lied to him. It’s not his fault.” I don’t know what she lied to him about, but still, she told me not to do anything. *sigh* I still don’t know if I heard right about him hitting her, but if I ever see that, he might quite possibly end up in the hospital. I don’t agree with my mom about it being all her fault, but she did marry him, and so she does get part of the blame. However, she is my mom, and if he touches her I won’t hold back.

*sigh* Anyways, I need some sleep. I need to get a webpage up tomorrow and some computers working for various people. I hope everyones doing ok, and I’ll talk to you later. 🙂


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