Great news!

Hello! I have some good news, but first lets get through the daily “In the life of Matthew Jones.”

First of all, I tried to pay my speeding ticket today (The second one…) and found out they doubled the fine. It’s like $300 now. I paid half of it, but the warrant for my arrest will still be out there until I can pay the rest. *sigh* I guess that’s a little more temptation to find a new job. Afterwards, Nick and I ran all over town today running little errands. Nick bought his Christmas present for himself (from his parents) and got his new drivers license. Afterwards, we went to my little brothers work and got dressed up for the Lord of the Rings party. We picked up Tina and went to the party, and found out it wasn’t quite what we expected. It was still fun… free food… singers… little demonstrations, like sword fighting… but it wasn’t terribly exciting. Daniel did get a pair of tickets to the Lord of the Rings, Opening night however. (I’m going to order him to take me 😉 Afterwards, we went out to eat and I took Nick home since he needs to work early this morning. Me and Tina talked and messed around until about 1am when I came home. It was a fun night. I love these nights.

As for the good news.. *grin* I have a new place to live… and it ROCKS! My best friend, Nick North, asked his parents if I could stay there (since they have 4 spare bedrooms) until I leave for the Air Force. Well, they agreed! No more stupid step dad, and no ignorant father to get in my way. (I had a nice chat with him. He says I should sell my car and get to work on the bus to get money to pay stuff off. *sigh* He doesn’t have a personal life, so I doubt he would know what mine means to me.)

Anyways, so that’s the great news, and my day. Tomorrow I’m going to Provo with Tina to hang out with her family. Hopefully it doesn’t snow too much. We’ll see what happens.

Well, oyasumi!


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