Fame is mine! Well, for a bit…..

I was in the newspaper! *grin* Check it out here! Basically they quoted some of the things I said about The Lord of The Rings. My little brother was mentioned as well. Here are the quotes for your viewing pleasure.

” ‘Harry Potter’ was written for kids. ‘Lord of the Rings’ was written for everybody,” said Matt Jones, Salt Lake City. ” ‘Lord of the Rings’ started all fantasy — it’s the one that started them all.”

And this is my little brother:

” ‘Harry Potter’ will never be like ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ” Danny Jones said. “It’s a classic among books.”

Wow.. we’re famous. *laugh* The movie did rock though, so I guess it was all worth it. I heard that they would have pictures up somewhere, and since I dressed up, I should be somewhere. *grin* If I can find them I’ll let you know.

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