Argh! (Warning, harsh language)

You know, I really believe my step dad has the intelligence of a dead tree. I had some stuff in the garage (sorting stuff to get ready to move to Nicks.) Well, he decided he wanted to park the car… ON TOP OF MY STUFF! Now, aside from stupid models and other stuff I didn’t care overly much about, my laptop is now dead. It still boots, but the screen is now severely fucked. I can only see the bottom left half of it. (I can see the debian login prompt, but when it boots to X, I’m screwed.) I just want to know what kind of person decides that they should RUN OVER someones stuff. Fucking bastard.

Anyways, I guess I need a new laptop, as having a laptop is no good if your required to plug it into a monitor everywhere you go.

Damn him.

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