‘And please, believe me when I say… I love you!’

Lets see…. The last couple days haven’t been too bad. Tina spent the night last night, and today we went to my dads Christmas party. (Their going to Hawaii for Christmas, and thus, will not be here.) It was strange, because my dad really liked Tina and was really nice. (Tina likes him too, because of this.) I thought that was cool as he doesn’t really like any of my other friends. Now I have him AND my mother urging me to marry this one because ‘this one shouldn’t be able to get away.’ Maybe if I tell them to buy the ring…… *ponder*

Anyways, Tina’s mom leaves for Vegas tomorrow, and will be gone for a week or so, so we have her house all to ourselves. Woohoo! It’ll be interesting to say the least. I know I’m spending the night out there tomorrow, but we’ll see what happens after that.

Ah yes, the presents I received at my Dads party… Daniel gave me a book ‘The world of Robert Jordans The Wheel of Time‘. I actually chose the book before hand, so I knew what it was… I love that series and this is just a reference guide for it. My dad gave me a really nice Timex watch (Analog/Digital/Indiglo/etc) It’s called the Expedition, and is made for outdoors use. He also gave me a Dockers travel kit (for the air force I’m assuming) and he paid for my car payment for last month. *hop* My grandmother gave me a 114 pc. Metric Tool Kit. It’s something I don’t really need, but oh well.

Also, I should end up with some money soon. We did a estimate to repair the damage caused to my car… the tally turns out like this: New Fender, $250. Fender Replacement, paint, etc, $700. I’m going to go ask him for the money… if he doesn’t want to give it to me, we’ll have to do the whole insurance thing… and then he’ll be paying an extra $250-$1000 due to the hit and run. Hopefully he’ll just give me money and we won’t have to deal with that.

Well… that’s all for me. Have a good one.

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