Ai = Love

Today was ok, I guess. Got my car taken care of, so I should be all right for the next while. I was supposed to go snow boarding with Nick but my coat and stuff was left at Dannons house and I didn’t want to go w/o it. And besides, Tina wasn’t feeling well so I had to do something to cheer her up. 😉 Me and Nick drove out to her house and I gave her a couple roses and this necklace I bought us. They both have the Kanji for love (ai) on them. Mine is blue and her’s is red. 🙂

Here is the symbol for those who can see Japanese Characters: Cute, ne?

Tomorrow, we’re meeting to go to the Lord of the Ring party. That should be fun. Me and Daniel are going to try to dress up. It’s nice having connections. (My little brother works for a costume store.) We might dress Tina up as someone too, not sure as of yet.

Anyways, better get some sleep. I need to wash my car for tomorrow. Night all!


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