A day in the life of Matt Jones… (Now co-staring Tina Casper)

Yesterday I went down to Provo with Tina as planned, and had a pretty good day. The more interesting things that happened… Tina’s little sister (she’s like 7 or 8) had this little crush on me. It was cute. I bowed and kissed her hand as if she was a princess, and she went really red. Her little brother was all hyper too. It was fun. Afterwards, we went to the Mall and met up with Amy. I found out just a little bit before that Amy said she thought I was ‘hot’ or something likewise… and well.. she wasn’t too happy to find out me and Tina were dating. *heh* Oh well. Tina decided to buy me this shirt because I said it looked good. *mutter* It’s annoying because I can’t keep her from spending her money on me! It should be me spending it on her. But it is a really cool shirt. It has dragons and stuff on it. 🙂
After that, we came back to Salt Lake and walked through Temple Square. They have lots of lights and stuff down there. It was pretty. Afterwards, we went to the mall, and I showed her the Japanese store I like. There is this Chinese outfit I’ve wanted for a long time, and I wanted to show Tina. She bought me that too, but I made her promise she wouldn’t buy anything else and it was my Christmas present. I tried hard to talk her out of it, but I can’t argue.. I suck at it I guess. At least I don’t have to worry about her doing it again. 🙂 I’ll have to get a picture of myself wearing it up here. It looks awesome. (It’s the Jackie Chan/Ranma 1/2 outfit.)
After that we came back to my house and listened to music and stuff. I read her some more of my poetry and we played stuff on my guitar/keyboard. It was fun. We were up until like 4am until we fell asleep. (It was kinda a ‘oops’ thing since I was going to take her home around 5/6am.) This morning we got up and went to breakfast. It was a good night.

After dropping Tina off at home, I went to hang out with Nick and Dannon. It was pretty boring.. just Grand Theft Auto 3 and sitting around, but still, time spent with friends is always worth it.

On other news… I stole my moms scanner for a little bit and got some pictures scanned in. I’ll put more up later, but right now, for all those people who wanted to see a picture of Tina, click here to see her. I’ll get my car and stuff up sometime this week.

Anyways, I’m going to try and finish Utopia and get some sleep. (I don’t remember this book being so hard to read when I was younger.. blah.)

Well, nights all.

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